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Does anybody know......

I have been searching everywhere for some more of this paper. Does anybody know where I can get it? I have one 2" x 12" piece left and I've made the most of the rest of the sheet, the thing is I don't know who it's by so it's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. The lesson to be learnt here is, if you find a paper that you love buy it all!!!!

A few cards

I've made a couple of cards, the first one was a gorgeous new boy card that I made at the Craftwork Cards workshop on Saturday, I loved it but I have this thing about having to have a new girl card handy as well so I made it a partner. I'd seen these zig zag cards on various blogs and was never too keen, but I love these, I'm thinking of my Christmas cards. The ovals from Craftwork Cards are gorgeous and make it really easy to create a great card.

Then a male birthday card, these are always hard to think up, but I make all the cards for work and as it's mostly men I have to think about it all the time. So when I get an idea I do it straight away so I don't forget. More crafting planned for the day now all the housework, washing and ironing is done.

Bank Holiday

Hooray for Bank Holidays, it means I can catch up and I can craft. Having missed a couple of pencil lines challenges I've managed to do this weeks challenge number 149, only just though. This is another picture of my youngest nephew that I've had hanging around for a while. I've mentioned before that my brother prefers multi picture layouts and I prefer single photos with 'white space'. As this photo isn't part of a set, I win! I picked up this paper at a bargain 10p and it also hung around waiting for inspiration, the jumbo ric rac came as part of my Sarah's cards kit this month and for some reason today all three seemed to just fit.

Waiting patiently

I haven't been around too much recently to do my blogging. Last week I was on a course in Coventry. It was a course to get my trainer's accreditation, which I did. It involved a lot of evening work and staying away for three nights. It was a really excellent course and I'm so motivated to improve everything I've been doing so far. It left me shattered though.
I'm also waiting patiently my friend at work & his wife's baby to arrive, each morning I go in and check the staff planner to see if he's still there. Last week we went shopping for a gift for her and this week I made a cute little box and card for him to give with the gift. They don't know what they are having so I went with the pink, blue & orange theme. Their adorable little girl keeps saying that their baby is going to be a girl boy so that's what we put on the card. I'm so glad there's a bank holiday coming up so that I can catch up on my crafting projects.

Chocolate chops & 10 card challenge

Here is this weeks scrapbook page for challenge 147 over on Pencil Lines. The photo on the page is not the best but it's a memory and it's one that makes me laugh. It's essential in every album of children to include one where they've smeared chocolate everywhere. This little boy is now 10 in a few more years it will definitely be one to roll out and show the girlfriend!

What a fun day we had yesterday at Craftwork Cards. 11 ladies took our 10 card challenge. I put a sneak peek on my blog yesterday, here are the cards, the ladies used the souffle coloours to make their cards and the were lovely. I think everybody had a good time, I certainly did.

Sneak Peeks

I've been terrible at blogging for the last week, mainly because I've been working away again and so haven't had chance to do any crafting. I've even missed the last two pencil lines challenges. I'm doing a workshop with my friendLynda on Saturday at Craftwork Cards.
It's a 10 card challenge, lots of fun where everybody is given a basket, all the ingredients and a recipe to make a card in 15 minutes. I'm looking forward to the afternoon as these classes are lots of fun, we have created 5 cards each and here is a sneak peek of the five I made. Here are four that I rejected, I liked the other ones better. I love the one with the heart on it but I thought it might be a bit much for a 10 card challenge.

Leaving card

Here is a leaving card I made for one of the boys who is going on to new ventures. I sooo love the Mickey & Friends cartridge for the Cricut. The first one I entered I asked for it to be 3.5 inches tall, I never thought about the length, it turned out 10 inches long! It will be perfect for one of my scrapbook pages when I get round to documenting my trip to Orlando. I'm really happy with this card, if you look closely I added glossy accents to the corner of Pluto's eyes so it looks like he is crying.

Pencil lines challenge 145

Here is my entry for the pencil lines challenge 145. It's a day late because the battery on my camera died and I couldn't upload the pictures to my computer. As it was done I thought I would still submit it. I've got a flexi day off today, so once the garden is tidied up it's going to be a nice relaxing day.