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A Lovely Day

Last Sunday was another of my favourite classes. Claire of Molly Blooms fame was at the Craft Box, I haven't attended a class for ages so it was time to go and play with the lovely stamps again. We made apocket card and a lovely treat box, I loved the colours and was really happy with my finished goodies.

A Nativity Accordian Saga

I have had this idea to make a card with a nativity scene on it for a while. The accordion die designed by Karen Burniston seemed the perfect solution to making the scene. As I posted previously that die is like getting hold of gold plated rocking horse poo, when I finally got hold of it there was no free time for me. I've had about 6 months of only having to go and work away occasionally, as soon as the die arrives I am away loads. I swear there is a conspiracy against me using it.
So it arrives and I go to stamp my nativity images AAAAGGGGH! they were too big for the space. So I was forced, yes you read that correctly I HAD to go and buy those lovely Lili of the Valley stamps I have been admiring for ages. Luckily I had got some money in my Paypal account from selling some craft items on eBay. I was definitely not disappointed with them when they arrived, they are absolutely gorgeous, tooooo cute.
Finally the card was made and I love it, I made it quite quickly. I think I was dizz…

Don't Ask

I've no idea why this post has been sitting ready to post and I just haven't pressed publish. Gill reminded me today when I was at the Craft Box that I haven't blogged anything for a while. I had a whole week off work and I was so busy catching up with friends and relatives the time just flew away. I did manage to spend some crafty time with Caroline and Lesley. We chatted and ate cake, swapped ideas and shared tools. Lesley and I had been chatting about this die for ages and as it is rarer than hen's teeth to get in the UK at the moment of course we had to have a play. I had just picked up this stamp so of course it had to be used. I love how it turned out. I have just completed one with a nativity scene on it so I think this is going to feature quite heavily in my Christmas card box this year.

Owl Calendar

Pinterest is such a fabulous resource for ideas. I was scanning through looking for some inspiration when I can across this pin. I absolutely loved them and as I still have a bunch of calendars for 2013 left, I decided to lift the idea to use one up. I know its half way through the year but with 6 months left to go it was worth it and I love the little fella. I'll be making more of these as presents next year.

Rule of Threes

All scrapbookers know of the rules of three and thirds. Caroline at Scrapstars  set us a challenge on the third bank holiday of the year was to make a page or project and use three of everything on it. Here is my entry, can you spot them all?
3 papers, 3 embellishments, 3 things to remember to take (written on envelope), 3 washi tape strips, 3 photos, 3 words in the title, 2 lots of three travel related words (on either side of the photo), 3 things inside the envelope Oh and three places I have visited.