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Scrap Whispers

This week the latest round of Scrap Whispers layouts were revealed, I was third in line and followed my friend Lesley. I loved the page that was forwarded to me. This was my favourite lift of all of the games that I have played.
I chose a picture I had taken of my street a couple of winters ago, thank goodness we haven't had snow this year so far. I am praying we will be lucky and not get any.

New Year

A New Year begins with a new calendar, its funny how lost I feel if there isn't a calendar around. I don't need them to write down events or as a reminder. I am pretty good at remembering dates but use a diary just in case. I just need a calendar. So I made a quick desk calendar all from scraps and washi tape, just for those moments when you need to sort out a date.

Still on Christmas

So as a scrapbooker once the decorations are down and away, the house has been cleaned from top to bottom, there's only one thing left. That is to scrapbook the photos!
I signed up last year for Shimelle Laine's Journal Your Christmas prompts and am sad to say I didn't do it. Same story this year but my friendCaroline last year had the idea of getting all her Christmas memories into one album rather than recording just one year, or doing it every year. Then this year another friend Lesley decided she wanted to record a memory from every day through out December. Along with this the fabulous inspiration that you can find on Pinterest made me get some photos printed off and look at some of the prompts. I like Caroline's idea of gathering all my memories and it has finally got me started.
I was invited to Lesley's for a crafting day so we sat and chatted, ate and made some pages for our albums. Crafting with a friend always inspires you to pick up the paper and glue aga…