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Mini Menus

What else can you do when it snows but craft! I spent quite a few hours sorting out my craft room ready for the cybercrop over on UK Scrappers. I've also got all my kits ready for the classes when it starts on Friday. Once it was tidy I made the menu choices ready for the Christmas dinner at work. Every year the choices are made and then everybody forgets what they have chosen. So I make little menus with the details inside. This year there were 46 to make, but they are all done ready for checking, I usually get somebodies wrong.

I now need to make my calendars for this year.

Male Birthday Card

I've been a bit slack on the posting front recently. My mojo seems to have taken an extended vacation. I have piles of cards laying around so don't really want to keep adding to this mountain. I really need a good sort through of my photos to get me going again with the scrapbooking. There's a cybercrop scheduled for the weekend on the 3rd December, over on UKScrappers, so hopefully that will get me going again. We're still waiting for the theme but with ony three weeks to go I'm sure it will be announced soon.  Another of the boys at work is 30 in December, here is the card I made for him.

Advent Calendar

Last year I made a few advent calendars, the ones from match boxes. I ended up with a huge bonfire of matches to get rid of so just burnt them in my chimenea. I thought that would be the last I would make, that was until last week when one of the boys at work asked me to make him one for his girlfriend. Her favourite colours are pink and purple, so I ended up with another pile of matches to burn, I just threw them in the chimenea again. Thank goodness for bonfire night, nobody seemed to notice the smell.

The next instalment

October is done in my Document 2010 project. I love the colours in these pages, it's one of my favourite colour combinations green and brown. I know this is true because its the colours in my living room and kitchen. I've just had a week's holiday from work and once again ended up decorating. It was the turn of the kitchen this time, nothing fancy but a new coat of fresh paint. It looks and feels lovely and clean now. I even went through all the cupboards and reorganised everything. I must be bedding down for the winter. The last page is based on Pencil lines sketch 211 I was a bit worried that the paper pricking wouldn't photograph very well, but its turned out OK.

Lucky Me

I am such a lucky girl, back in September I topped up my mobile phone and got my O2 surprises code. I kind of forgot about it for a a week then thought I'd just see what I'd won. Usually it's free picture messaging or free calls to another O2 customer, not anything I use. This time I won a laptop,, wow wow, wait a minute a laptop? This sort of thing doesn't happen to me, so I waited and sure enough two days later it arrived. Imagine that! My excitement was very short lived, it was scratched on the top and actually a reconditioned model. I know I didn't pay money for it but if I had surely they have to say its reconditioned. I contacted O2 who actually use another company for the distribution of the prizes, it took two months for them to sort it out. Finally last week this arrived. I've spent loads of time transferring all my files from my other laptop, which will shortly be put up for sale. On the crafting front a couple of weeks ago pencil lines had they 4th bir…