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On the Move

This weeks Winter Wonderland Challenge has the title of On the Move, so either the image should depict movement or include a moving element on the card. This challenge was right up my street, I love pop up cards and trying to have moving parts on my scrapbook pages. I have taught a few scrapbook classes where the pages open to reveal little surprises.
I have wanted to make a swing card for some time and was considering buying on of the many dies that are on the market at the moment. I then came across this tutorial and it is surprising how easy it is to make your own.I love how it came together.
This was the card I came up with 

Oriental Beauty

Facebook love it or hate it you have to give it credit for keeping in touch with people. I personally hate two things about it one is cryptic messages and people who put every detail of their life on it. But that is not Facebook's fault, its the person doing the posting. 
One thing I do love about Facebook is that I can keep in touch with people i would otherwise have lost track of. I worked in the Middle East for 15 years as a dental nurse and had the honour of working with many people from different countries. When we  all moved on I have managed to keep up with a lot of those people. We used to joke that because we were all scattered around the four corners of the earth we would in  the future be able to travel the world without paying for hotels. 
One of my friends Danielle is American but is now with her husband in Japan. She came and stayed with me over 10 years ago and we are now suggesting a return visit, but she has also invited me to visit her. 
WOW! A trip to Japan, I woul…

Forgot my Homework

I have had this week off work to try and catch up with things and I cant believe its Sunday ready for work again on Monday. One of the things I did this week was spend some time with my crafting friends and I showed one of them how I do my colouring with Promarkers.Its funny how after a while you just do it without thinking, I had to really think what I was doing to try and explain it. We got there though and coloured some images.
I think this is why I completely missed last weeks Winter Wonderland Challenge, I feel like I forgot my homework. Yesterday I seemed to complete everything I needed to do this week so rewarded myself with  some crafting time.
This weeks Winter Wonderland Challenge is Blue Christmas, I like the challenges that stretch yo and to try and stick to a monochrome colour palate was quite tough but I managed, well there is a hint of green, sorry but there's no blue holly in my world.

I dont know why

I don't know why but sometimes when you see a crafting item it just says buy me. Actually I see that quite a lot but I don't listen these days. Its been a while since I had a good crafting spend and then this week Stampin Up released their new catalogue. Suddenly there was a whole bunch of stuff saying buy me and I did. So now I am waiting for the delivery. In the mean time I went to the Craft Box. I have been working on a project and messed up with one of the sheets of paper, so I had to make a trip and buy another.
It was great to see Lynn again and catch up, I really miss my little trips there to teach the scrapbook class but the demand dropped so low it was no longer feasible. But when I had found the paper i need I spotted this die. I have no idea why it appealed to me but I just had to buy it. Then this morning I decided to give it a go and here are the results. I made a couple of generic cards for my box, they can have a greeting popped onto them when I need an emergency…

Christmas Challenge

Each year around this time I begin my Christmas cards. I need a huge pile and if I start early enough it takes the stress out of last minute crafting. Winter Wonderland is a great blog for encouraging this with a different them posted every week. This week the theme is Christmas dinner. Any type of Christmas food, so I have started of with two cards, I just got carried away with colouring images, so why waste them? I just made them up and popped them into my Christmas card stash.