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Still Crafting

OOps its over a week since I posted but to be truthful with the fabulous weather we've been having I think Blogland itself has become very quiet. I imagine everybody has been spending time in the garden like me. After all the rain and murky weather we've had since the end of March my garden was an absolute mess, so Saturday found me covered in sunscreen and tackling the jungle. At the end of the day I ached liked I'd run seven successive marathons. I made a quick trip to B&Q for some plants for my hanging baskets, they had a great offer on of buy one get one free. I loaded up my trolley with everything I needed and £20 later I had the plant for 4 baskets, then I spied that hanging baskets were in the offer. I still had to buy the basket liners and soil, I bagged myself 4 already planted baskets for £16, why spend the time and effort making them up and paying more money. I was delighted and turned them into jubilee baskets by putting some Union Jack flags in. I'll h…


In these austere times we do what me know how to do best and that make ends meet. I'm sure I'm not the only crafter who doesn't need to spend another penny on scrapbooking goodies for their entire life. Even with a large supply at my disposal I still get huge satisfaction from using up the scraps. Last year at Scrapstars I made a page taught by Rachel Elliott and had a bag of lovely scraps, they have been kicking around since last October but for some reason on Sunday I picked them up, then spied this lovely page and that was it I produced a vintage inspired page of my Grandmother.   There are still some bits left but I think only enough for a card.

And now for something completely different - May

That's the name of the monthly challenge that Shimelle hosts over on UK Scrappers. A list of requirements is posted on the 10th of every month. followed by the step by step instructions to complete a page on the 20th. Usually I'm posting my page well past the deadline, but not this month. I had gathered a yummy selection of papers but when I saw the instructions and finished page, I completely switched everything, including the photos. I challenged myself to use only scraps from my ever expanding scrap box. I am really pleased with the results. Amazingly I was the first to post a completed page as well.

Another Project Completed

I wanted an early night on Thursday, so I had a bath and at 9 o'clock was just about to climb into bed.....................then I thought I'll just put the next page I'm going to finish on my desk. Well that was it, I finally climbed into bed at 12:30am. I added the pictures last night and now I have another Scrapstars  page finished. This was a class taught by the fabulous Emma Trout. Her signature is all the cutting and layering and a little bit of mixed media thrown in. I love her style.

A Bit Different

I bought a stamp at the weekend that I wasn't really that sure about. Sometimes I get a bit caught up with buying something and wondering why. Well now I'd bought it, I'd better use it. So I stamped and coloured and still wasn't sure why I'd bought it. Then I made the images up into a card, well I might as well, they would do for work. Then surprise, I loved the cards. I now love this stamp. Oh and look at that lovely border, that was another purchase, I thought would be pretty, but it is just gorgeous. I guess this is what is called a happy accident. I happily bought the stamp, then thought it was a mistake and without planning I accidentally made two of my favourite cards!

A little bit of practise

They say practise makes perfect, so I've been practising. I needed some cards for babies that are due to arrive over the next couple of months, and I recently bought this stamp from Lilli of the Valley. I was trying to resist buying Flex markers but have now realised that to get the effect we were taught at the recent workshop, I do need them. I still need more practise I think.

Happy Birthday Theresa

Today is my best friends birthday, we don't buy each other gifts, instead we spend a day together doing something. We've been for spa days, cup cake classes, for afternoon tea. Anything goes its just what ever the birthday girl fancies doing. At the moment she can't decide what she wants to do, we'll just arrange something when the idea is there. I have made her a card, I used an image mt friend Lesley stamped for me. I was a good excuse to trey and practise my colouring. I hope she likes it.

Completed Project

I have finished another project from Scrapstars, well almost. We were taught a fabulous album class by the fabulous Lida. Her projects always cause a big wow and I have attended many of her classes now. She is one of the funniest people I know and always so happy.The theme of this project was journey,and had a little surprise at the end. I love it and just need to think if which pictures I'm going to put into it.  Yes there's a little car in this album!

Sail Away

I hate when I get free time that I can dedicate to crafting and I end up getting distracted by everything else.I am such a serial tidier, I found every time I made a card I tidied up. Honestly I was driving myself nuts. I did manage to make some cards and do quite a bit of tidying. Here I used a new stamp I got from Stampin Up. I got it a few weeks ago and have only just got round to using it.

Advanced Colouring

On Saturday monring I wne to the open day at Lilli of the Valley and attended a workshoip to learn the correct techniques with my Promarker pens.  I've never been shown and always thought I did pretty OK, but now I've been shown and had time to practise I'm enjoying playing with my colours. We were shown how to colour using the lovely Pom Pom image, I have since made it up into a card. Today I will be colouring with plenty of coffee breaks and Bank Holiday television viewing in my craft room. My Do Not Disturb sign is well and truly on display today.

More retreat fun

I will say that work is definitely getting in the way of my crafting at the moment. I have a pile of projects that still need finishing from the retreat and I'm not finding the time to do them. I finished this project taught by Jolan. Jolan is on the Bo Bunny and ZVA design team and creates some of the prettiest designs. This was the first class we had and the only one I managed to finish at the retreat. This time I only took one extra page with me to work on in our down time, I knew that there would be plenty from the workshops to work on. 
its ll the details that make these projects such a joy to make. Yesterday I went to Lilli of the Valley for a beginners workshop to learn how to use my Promarkers properly. I've used them for a while now but never learnt properly how to use them. I had a lovely day with my friends Caroline, Lesley and Theresa. Since I got back from the class I've been getting my normal housework duties out of the way so I can practise.I've never …