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Multiple Photos

Ooops Im a bit late posting this week, the saga of the kitchen continues and has taken all my attention. The whole of my downstairs is a no-go zone so I have been trapped in my craft room.......dont worry I coped with some guilt free scrapbooking.

Over on UK Scrap Addicts they have been running a series highlighting how their design team add multiple photos to a layout. It is interesting to see everybodys take on the challenge. I bought this paper a couple of weeks ago and knew I wanted to add a few photos highlighting my trip to America. To get all the pictures on there I reduced them to 2 inch squares and managed to add 7 on there.

The title is a lovely sticker from Globe Gallery, its is a vinyl sticker, and is one of the accessories for the globes. Personally I loved the stickers but not the globes, at £4 its a bit pricey for a title but I Ioved the text and the touch of luxury and it fitted perfectly onto the layout.

Pre-Retreat Challenge

Usually before a retreat there is a challenge to get you in the mood for all the fun. One of the previous Scrapstars retreat challenges was to create a layout based on a movie title. Well with all the movies that have ever been released the field was wide open. I chose the use my photos from a Nile trip that I did over 15 years ago and of course the title was Jewel of the Nile.

More Layouts

Oh what a week, I'm really not lucky. My new kitchen was delivered but one cupboard was missing. It hadn't been bought or paid for and will arrive in 7 - 10 days. This wasn't discovered until after the old kitchen had been removed. So now I have no cooking or tea making facilities, I'm already tired of sandwiches. I am trying my very best to focus on the end result.

This has given me the chance to search out more of the layouts I have taught at Scrapstars.
This was 2015 and another interactive layout.
The large photo in the centre lifts up to reveal a series of 'steps' for adding more photos and journalling spots. It was difficult to get a good picture  but I think you will get it from these two.
The cuts have to be very neat and specific for it to work and I was happy to see all the ladies managed it.
It is funny to watch everybody thinking they can't do it and being very nervous about making the interactive layouts,then suddenly they get it and it is smiles a…

Getting Ready

Over the last few week Ive been preparing my layouts ready to teach at Scrapstars. I have been delighted to teach at this retreat for the last 4 years and have been overwhelmed with the response to the layouts that I have taught.

My classes are ready, I only have the instructions for the second class to write. It will also be lovely to see the other teachers. Tracee Provis is returning, she is such fun and makes me laugh all weekend. I will also be meeting Morag Cutts, I love her style so will enjoy these classes. Caroline is also teaching a class this year, as my main crafting buddy I always love the layouts she makes with me.

The first layout I ever taught at the retreat was this one and I think it is still one of my favourite layouts. The following year I taught this one  and this one.

All the ladies made the vine based on this tutorial that I did in 2013, doesn't time fly.
I will post the layouts Ive taught since then over the coming weeks, come back for more.