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Waiting patiently

I haven't been around too much recently to do my blogging. Last week I was on a course in Coventry. It was a course to get my trainer's accreditation, which I did. It involved a lot of evening work and staying away for three nights. It was a really excellent course and I'm so motivated to improve everything I've been doing so far. It left me shattered though.
I'm also waiting patiently my friend at work & his wife's baby to arrive, each morning I go in and check the staff planner to see if he's still there. Last week we went shopping for a gift for her and this week I made a cute little box and card for him to give with the gift. They don't know what they are having so I went with the pink, blue & orange theme. Their adorable little girl keeps saying that their baby is going to be a girl boy so that's what we put on the card. I'm so glad there's a bank holiday coming up so that I can catch up on my crafting projects.


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Vine Tutorial

On Monday morning I took part in the UKScrappers blog hop, who would have predicted the response to the flowers I had made for the layout. In particular the rose vine. I was flabbergasted, but promised I would let everybody know how I had done it. If anybody does make one of these vines please could you credit me and if posted in a blog I would appreciate a link back to me.
I was absolutely inspired by the gorgeous Prima vines, I have purchased many but due to the cost they remain in my stash, I am too frightened to use them because they are not cheap. They fall into the category of  'waiting for a special projrect'. This made me challenge myself to see if i could make something similar.
 Firstly you will need to gather your supplies
Florist wiresflorist paper tapepaper flowers - they need to have a 'tail' on them, I used these card stock to make leaveseither a leaf punch or die to cut leaves, I used these distress ink Cut as many leaves as you think you will need and ink …


Over the last few years sources one of my favourite sources of inspiration and a 'go to' for getting your creativity going again has become Pinterest. I think I use it almost as much as google. I recently saw this layout and knew I wanted to lift it. Here is the result

I loved its simplicity and I was able to use a photo that is almost 30 years old. See those scrabble type tiles, Ive had them years and was happy I could use some on here.

Birthday Cards for Men

Cards for men really are quite difficult, so when I find a colour combination that isn't just blue and can work for men I use it. One of my favourite combinations is a bright blue, bright red and white. I think its modern and bright. Over the last weekend I made a few cards with this colour scheme, those of you who visit me regularly will also know I like simple. We have worked our way through all the previous cards I made for the boys at work so another batch was called for beginning with this one.