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Pink and White

What does a girl do with a week off work? Well I end up catching up on everything I feel I've let slip. I wanted to make a card for the Lili of the Valley monthly challenge and just didnt seem to be able to find the time and admittedly sometimes the motivation. That was until today. I sorted through my stamps and bingo there was the idea. I love this card and pink is such a lovely alternative to the traditional Christmas colours. I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I just need to make a lovely special envelope for this with my lovely new envelope maker.

Wedding Wishes

I recently made the stationery for a friends wedding as a gift. Its the first time I did absolutely everything Invites, place settings, seating plan, table numbers and post box. I have to say when I saw everything it looked lovely and I was really pleased with it all. The colour was cadbury purple, now purple is not a colour I use very often but this all looked so elegant on the day. 
I made them a candle,card and gift bag set using their colours. For some reason I didn't take photos of the group together but I did get the candle.
I had a lovely surprise on Friday, my last day at work before a weeks holiday and received a gorgeous bouquet  of flowers from the bride and groom to say thanks. Perfect timing because I have the week to look at them and they fit beautifully with my living room.

Missing Blogger

Yes that's me, I've no idea why I haven't posted recently I just haven't. I have been a little busy making Christmas cakes and all the flowers and leaves I need for them. I've also made a vat of mincemeat ready to make all the mince pies I give out. Although I like Christmas my friends and family have agreed with me for the last few years not to do the present thing.  It means that the pressure is off for everybody having to spend money they don't have on things that I dint need. I would rather have time with them than a cupboard full of chocolates that end up going to work for my colleagues to eat.
I have made four Christmas cakes, three to give to friends and family and a mini one for a charity raffle. I just need to bake mince pies and make three chocolate logs also for presents. So although I've not been blogging I have been creative.
I was looking through my photographs and noticed that I hadn't posted about the lovely workshop that I attended at The…

What a great week

This has been a fabulous week for me, I only worked three days. I like the idea of three day working weeks and 4 day weekends. Unfortunately I have a very heavy crafting habit that does not allow me to work part time. 
I had great news on Thursday, a while ago I entered a facebook competition with this card, and I was so surprised that it won! Wowweee, I have £150 worth of Molly Bloom stamps coming my way. I can't tell you how thrilled I am, I already have quite a large collection but I'm sure I can make room for more.
On Friday my friend and I went to the cake International show at the NEC, OMG some of those cakes were just incredible, absolute engineering masterpieces. I learnt loads watching some of the fantastic demonstrations.
Today I was at The Craft Box and we made this lovely gift ensemble, Christmas is an expensive time of year for everybody so we made this lovely set that anybody would be happy to receive. The highlight of the day was everybody realising how easy it is …