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What a weekend

I have had a lovely long weekend, the promised snow has amounted to nothing in my neck of the woods. Well not completely we've had about 3 inches fall but it hasn't brought us to a grinding halt like it does normally. This year the council have kept all the main roads and some of the side roads clear. This has meant that I managed to go to my scrapbooking class in Leeds on Saturday and do all my normal jobs. So looking through my photos again, here is another layout I made. It was a rough  idea that I'd had to teach a scrapbook class but I've got so many more that I think I'll just publish it.

This long weekend has given me the chance to work on another page for a class I'll be teaching at the next Scrapstars retreat on 1st March.

For anybody who loves crafting with paper this is a fabulous get away, with great classes, excellent company and fun. I am so looking forward to a whole weekend of brilliant inspiration.
I have been waiting for my papers to arrive and sp…

Snow Day

Today I am having a snow day, although it turns out I didn't need it. With all the coverage of snow in the news and my extreme fear of driving in it I decided to book one of the days I had in reserve and not even risk battling with the snow that was predicted. Here we are afternoon and there was nothing to worry about. I may have to eat my words later this evening. 
With an extra day all  for me I have had a good clean round and am now free for a crating weekend. Today has given me the chance to catch up with a few crafty projects, I know I've been missing for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't done anything, it means I haven't been able to take a decent photo to post. 
At the beginning of November UK Scrappers had a cybercrop, usually I make a pile of pages based on the classes but this time I didn't like too many of them. In fact I made only one page. I loved the idea of this patch work, it was a fabulous way of using up scraps of paper.
Also in November th…

Forgotten post

I am going through my photographs and trying to choose some Christmas pictures from a number of years in the hope that I can complete my Christmas journal. Its hard going but has to be done. While I was sifting through the pictures I cam across the pictures of a Molly Blooms class I took recently at the Craft Box, I have no idea why I missed them, but as it is 12th night and Christmas officially ends to day I thought I had better post them. The first one is a cone with candy in them, I'm afraid the candy is long gone
 The next one was a card with an opening element on the front, it opened out to show Santa with Molly and George delivering presents
 Then another card that opens to show Molly and George carol singing.