Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Remember Me?

I can't believe how long it is since I posted, no reason apart from a very busy period in my life. Since my last post I have changed jobs, unfortunately it wasn't a smooth transition with my old employers playing a bit of a dirty game. It's all sorted now and I am settling into my new job.
I then went on a weekend trip to Glasgow to meet up with an old friend, and to celebrate her daughter's engagement. She hasn't changed a bit and I am planning to visit again soon.
I've also been to the Scrapstars retreat. This was the best one ever. I was asked to teach two classes so I had my thinking cap on to come up with some ideas. I have a lot of projects to show so there should be no shortage of posts over the coming weeks.
This was the first class I taught, an interactive travel themed page. It was based on a waterfall card. I just up sized it and rotated it. It holds 7 photos perfect for those times you want a lot of photos on one page.

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