Saturday, 23 November 2013

Missing Blogger

Yes that's me, I've no idea why I haven't posted recently I just haven't. I have been a little busy making Christmas cakes and all the flowers and leaves I need for them. I've also made a vat of mincemeat ready to make all the mince pies I give out. Although I like Christmas my friends and family have agreed with me for the last few years not to do the present thing.  It means that the pressure is off for everybody having to spend money they don't have on things that I dint need. I would rather have time with them than a cupboard full of chocolates that end up going to work for my colleagues to eat.
I have made four Christmas cakes, three to give to friends and family and a mini one for a charity raffle. I just need to bake mince pies and make three chocolate logs also for presents. So although I've not been blogging I have been creative.
I was looking through my photographs and noticed that I hadn't posted about the lovely workshop that I attended at The Craft Box. I don't go to many classes but one not to be missed is when Claire from Molly Bloom teaches. I love these classes and always come away with a lovely project. This was no different a lovely way to give a little gift to someone special.

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