Sunday, 14 July 2013

Something a bit different

So is everybody in the UK enjoying this heat wave, I most definitely am. I love it. I love it even more because I have two weeks off work to make the most of it. I never have two weeks off together, usually a week is enough but this time I wanted longer so I didn't feel I had to rush and get everything done. Today I mostly spent in the garden cutting the grass and tidying everything up, then I had a brain wave and washed the wooden furniture with the intention of treating it later in the week. Within half an hour I decided to go ahead and oil it straight away. So much for me taking my time over everything that needs doing, however the garden looks pristine now and I can make full  use of it over the next two weeks. 
This flurry of activity means I haven't done much crafting but thankfully I have a back log of work that can be posted.
Before Christmas Lynn from the Craft box gave me a box (not meant to be funny but it is) and said see what you can do with that. It was a plain wooden box with some 6 x 6 frames inside it. I took it home and looked at it for a couple of months, then I painted it grey and looked at it for another month. I then decided to crackle it and distress it to make it look a bit vintagey/shabby. I then felt so guilty that I hadn't done anymore than paint it so I decorated the top and added a fancy handle to open it with. Done..............well the outside was I then had to do something inside. So I used some old black and white photos and made some small flower arrangements using the vine method from my tutorial here. Then I tied all the frames together with some pretty gingham bows and then it was done. This can now be seen in real life as its on display at the shop.

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