Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cadbury Purple

Occasionally I am asked to make wedding invites, and I love creating something that will be the first sight that guests will have to the wedding theme.
My favourite boy at work is marrying his delightful partner this year and I offered to gift them their wedding stationery. Steff likes things plain and simple so after looking through all my samples she chose a plain and simple postcard style with a little hand tied bow on the top left corner and swarovski crystals dotting all the "i's" . Her only stipulation was it had to be purple but not just any purple it had to be 'Cadbury purple'. I searched for the ribbon and gems and finally found the perfect match. WE know it was perfect because I has them delivered to work and Mark and I sat with the on my desk and off course had to buy some chocolate that we ate while we discussed if it was a match. Two thumbs up and a pat on the tummy after the chocolate it was perfect.
So last night I tied all the pretty little bows and the daytime invites are all finished, just bows on the evening invites and they are ready for posting.The pictures don't show it but they are printed on a lovely canvas textured card, the overall effect of the texture and the luxurious deep purple is very classy.

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