Friday, 22 February 2013

Oh Dear!

 What has happened to my posts lately? I haven't done any, its not that I haven't done anything, its just that most of them have to be kept under warps for a little while. One thing I have done is make up some pages ready for photos. I have been inspired by Shimelle's 'starting points' and rather than do nothing while I wait for photos to come along for me to scrap, if I've got a base ready the page will come together quickly. Here are a few I have ready.
all of them made from papers left over from retreat projects or my scrap box.
Speaking of retreats, its only one week to the Scrapstars retreat. This is certainly a highlight in my social calendar. Lots of scrapbooking taught by lovely teachers. Catching up with other crafters and sharing ideas. What's not to get excited about. I'm also very excited as I'll be teaching the first class on the Friday night.
Tonight I have packed all the my bag with all the equipment I need to take and made sure I have a new blade in my trimmer. Only 7 sleeps to go!

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Kirsty.a said...

These are fab! The other thing I do when I can'r actually scrap is made embellishemnts. My latest page here:
started as just an embellishment cluster