Sunday, 20 January 2013

What a weekend

I have had a lovely long weekend, the promised snow has amounted to nothing in my neck of the woods. Well not completely we've had about 3 inches fall but it hasn't brought us to a grinding halt like it does normally. This year the council have kept all the main roads and some of the side roads clear. This has meant that I managed to go to my scrapbooking class in Leeds on Saturday and do all my normal jobs. So looking through my photos again, here is another layout I made. It was a rough  idea that I'd had to teach a scrapbook class but I've got so many more that I think I'll just publish it.

This long weekend has given me the chance to work on another page for a class I'll be teaching at the next Scrapstars retreat on 1st March.

For anybody who loves crafting with paper this is a fabulous get away, with great classes, excellent company and fun. I am so looking forward to a whole weekend of brilliant inspiration.
I have been waiting for my papers to arrive and spent Saturday evening transferring the idea form my head onto paper. I surprised myself at how easily it came together, now I just need photos and the title to bring it all togehter.

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