Sunday, 6 January 2013

Forgotten post

I am going through my photographs and trying to choose some Christmas pictures from a number of years in the hope that I can complete my Christmas journal. Its hard going but has to be done. While I was sifting through the pictures I cam across the pictures of a Molly Blooms class I took recently at the Craft Box, I have no idea why I missed them, but as it is 12th night and Christmas officially ends to day I thought I had better post them. The first one is a cone with candy in them, I'm afraid the candy is long gone
 The next one was a card with an opening element on the front, it opened out to show Santa with Molly and George delivering presents
 Then another card that opens to show Molly and George carol singing.

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Elfcrafts said...

I love your decorated cone, such a lovely gift idea. Em x