Saturday, 20 October 2012

Forgot to Post

A few weeks ago I did another workshop taught by the fabulous Clare, I took photos and have just realised I never posted them. Clare always comes up with the most fabulous classes and I love spending the day at the Craft Box making them. This class was the launch of this year's Christmas Molly Bloom stamps and they are just delicious.We all created a lovely lantern and now all I need it to find an battery run candle to put in it. Could you imagine this going up in flames? I would be heart broken.


purpleprincess2007 said...

Hi hun this is beautiful! Wish I could have made it to the class :-(. That sell battery powered candles in Poundland - either tea light ones or pillar ones.
Hugs xx Cara xx

Kate Holliday said...

Oh Wow Kathy, this is just beautiful - so much detail, I wish I lived nearer and could do a class now!!!