Sunday, 23 September 2012

Scrapbook Class Reveal

A few weeks ago I posted a sneaky peek of a scrapbook class that I would be teaching at the Craft Box. Well I taught the class last week, I have shown friends in small groups how to make pages and I am a trainer by profession, so the teaching bit wasn't a problem. What did make me nervous was whether the ladies would like the page. This was the prototype that I came up with

 as it was a full day class I needed to create two pages and I also wanted to use different techniques. The first page had an interactive element and I worried it may have been a little bit too advanced. I shouldn't have worried, there were 8 ladies all of different levels but everybody made lovely pages. I'm always surprised at how different everybodys work looks even though they use the same papers. So here is the page again but in the papers the class used. I loved them and the colours were just perfect. I know there isn't a title I have just placed these photos to show the pages, this is my job for today to find the right pictures.
the interactive part shows when the tab at the top of the photo is pulled, this did get an OOOh from the ladies when I showed them.
it shows two more photos or journalling what ever you want.
I have another class scheduled on 21st OCtober, so if you fancy coming along, ring the Craft Box and book your place, all 8 of my ladies rebooked and with a maximum of 12 places you will need to be quick.

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Caroline Lovett said...

Well done Kathy, glad the class went ok, now you have taught it and I am back from mu holiday, I can post a picture of mine (we were Kathy's Guinea Pigs a few weeks before the class) :) love the page. x