Saturday, 16 June 2012

A New Hobby

Just after Christmas I went to a cup cake making and decorating class, following this class I saw a beautiful wedding cake and thought in my head I bet I could do that.  I do this to myself, I think something then go out of my way to try and do it. So I booked myself onto a 10 week sugar craft course. Over the course of the last 7 weeks I have learnt how to take blobs of sugar paste from this

to this

then the leaves
and finally last week I built it up to a lovely topper for a cake

Its only about 4 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter but I was really pleased with it. It is also 3 weeks ahead of schedule, so I'll be learning ivy leaves next. I can now completely understand why wedding cakes are so expensive, it takes weeks to make all of these flowers. They are so fragile that you have to make extra because it doesn't matter how careful you are there are breakages.
Do I need another hobby? Not really but I am planning to do the next term as well, especially because we will be making a decoration for a Christmas cake. As I don't really want this to be a business I doubt I would go much further than that, but for the time being its back to my paper crafting.


Lynn said...

The bouquet looks so real !
Have you packed your job in Kathy ? Just don't know how you find the time.

angelwhispers said...

Wow how divine is this you really must have such patience as these are so delicate Well done its beautiful! Chanelle xx

Kirsty.a said...

That is beautiful. I haven't seen the sugar carnations before

Kate said...

You seem to be able to turn your hand to anything - these are just gorgeous; you couldn't possibly eat them!

Jojorenee said...

Congrats on your new hobby looks like your a pro at that too! When I was last at Micheals they were having a class, I'm not ready for that yet!

Hannah said...

I seriously thought that these were real until I read the desciption.