Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Still Crafting

OOps its over a week since I posted but to be truthful with the fabulous weather we've been having I think Blogland itself has become very quiet. I imagine everybody has been spending time in the garden like me.
After all the rain and murky weather we've had since the end of March my garden was an absolute mess, so Saturday found me covered in sunscreen and tackling the jungle. At the end of the day I ached liked I'd run seven successive marathons. I made a quick trip to B&Q for some plants for my hanging baskets, they had a great offer on of buy one get one free. I loaded up my trolley with everything I needed and £20 later I had the plant for 4 baskets, then I spied that hanging baskets were in the offer. I still had to buy the basket liners and soil, I bagged myself 4 already planted baskets for £16, why spend the time and effort making them up and paying more money. I was delighted and turned them into jubilee baskets by putting some Union Jack flags in. I'll have to take a photo and post it, because I am very pleased with myself.
This of course didn't stop me buying other plants for the rest of the garden and it looks lovely now, its a shame I have to go to work and leave it.
Sunday was my day of rest and relaxation, what better way to spend it than a workshop with Clare and her Molly Bloom stamps. As always she delivered a great idea and this will be holding pride of place in my craft room. I love it.

Yes all those leaves are individually punched, inked, shaped and glued in place! Clare will be back at the Craft Box in July for another workshop, I can highly recommend it.

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