Wednesday, 23 May 2012


In these austere times we do what me know how to do best and that make ends meet. I'm sure I'm not the only crafter who doesn't need to spend another penny on scrapbooking goodies for their entire life. Even with a large supply at my disposal I still get huge satisfaction from using up the scraps. Last year at Scrapstars I made a page taught by Rachel Elliott and had a bag of lovely scraps, they have been kicking around since last October but for some reason on Sunday I picked them up, then spied this lovely page and that was it I produced a vintage inspired page of my Grandmother.
  There are still some bits left but I think only enough for a card.

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purpleprincess2007 said...

Hi kathy, it was lovely to meet you today, thankyou so much for letting me borrow your treasured craft supplies. I had a great day! I've been looking round your blog - it is beautiful - please don't expect mine to be any where near as pretty. Any way have fun baking your cakes and I hope to see you again, maybe at your scrapbook class. Hugs cara xxx