Saturday, 24 March 2012

Weekend Blogger

It looks like I am fast becoming a weekend blogger, eaxh time I Blog I proise I'll add more frequent posts and then the next time I sit to blog another week has passed. I hope to post a little more this week as I have a whole 9 days off work. I am praying for lovely weather so that I can spend some time in the garden tidying away the winter. I would also like to make a dent in some the crafting ideas going on in my head and maybe just maybe I can tidy the craft room up a bit. 
I did make a start last night on the tidying and like many crafters I ended up crafting, I made this little card, at one time I used to make a lot of this style. I loved how it came together so quickly and love the colours.
 My lovely new Project of the Month from Craftwork Cards arrived yesterday, so that will definatly get some attention. I loooove the chevron Candi so I need to make sure that is used.

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