Sunday, 12 February 2012

Get Well Soon

Its always sad when somebody has to have an operation, but it makes it worse when the operation goes wrong. I recently spent some time with somebody who needed the same operation that I had 2 years ago, she was very worried and I tried to do my best to settle her mind. It was difficult because my op developed complications. Two weeks ago she was admitted and unfortunalty as they began the operation they cut an artery. She has been very ill and to make matters worse the original procedure has still not been done. It has been a very stressful time, especially for her family but she is now improving. 
With this sort of sutuation how do you say get well soon? I had to leave it until I knew she had improved enough to know she was due to be discharged then I made her a card
I love this image, it made me smile while I was making it and I hope it made her smile when she got it.


Anesha said...

Hope your friend gets better real soon. Lovely card.

Lesley said...

I love the card Kathy, I found I have four or five of this range of stamps, they are lovely, might have to start colouring again!!!