Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lets make it weekly

I think this looks like its going to be a year of posting only weekly. Seriously I like to post more often but life is busy at the moment and blogging is suffering. Last weekend I went on a cupcake making course, well I thought that's what was going to happen, in fact we ended up decorating them only. I won't say anything about the day as my feedback ended up with the lady throwing her toys out of the pram and refunding us our money, even though she agreed with everything I'd said. Shame really because we learnt how to decorate beautifully, we just didn't make anything.
Tomorrow I plan to practise and use my own recipe for the cupcakes. My friends niece is just getting into card making so she is coming for the afternoon to learn some techniques and I'm going to test my cupcakes out on her.
I recently bought some embossing folders in one of the New Year sales, I can't remember where I got them from. I bought them with mens cards in mind and on my recent mammoth card session I used two of them. I like the effect of embossing onto cardstock with a white core and then sanding away the raised image.These cards came together really quickly and are perfect for the box of cards I need for the boys at work.


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