Wednesday, 4 January 2012

4 x 6 Photo Love - December

The last of this year long project is to get 12 4 x 6 photos onto one layout, well I've been waiting for 12 months to see how this was possible. Very clever Shimelle! I have had these photos for so long, well since 1992. I have pondered and wondered how I was going to get them all into a layout without shrinking them down so you could no longer see the detail or without adding importance to those that remained larger. 
One day when we were in Washington DC we decided to walk from the hotel to the Capitol and visit all of the landmarks in between, when we go to the Washington Memorial and went up inside we could see everything from above, amazing! I managed to add in the aerial view from each side and then the close up photos of the landmarks that we then visited. Some of the pictures were not so good on the day So I had bought postcards, I have to admit this layout is a mixture of photos and postcards.
 You would think that stack of 12 photos on mounts would make a bulky, page bit it hasn't, I replace the original string g that attached the pictures to the page with embroidery thread and it made the whole thing much slimmer and lighter. The back of each photo has the journalling, well it will when I finish writing it!
I'm now looking forward to the next 12 month projects that will be featured on UK Scrappers and Two Peas in a Bucket.

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