Sunday, 11 December 2011


Why do I take things on that are so labour intensive? I agreed to make some wedding invitations and after several samples we came up with the one. I priced everything up and gave the final bill which was accepted. This weekend I have these to deal with these. 
 Three charms for each card and there are 150 cards. Yes 450 jump rings need adding to 450 charms, so if anybody wants me I'll be sitting on the sofa, dealing with these.
Each year for our Christmas party we are invited by the Directors to a Christmas dinner. We choose our meal a few weeks before the event and every year somebody forgets what they have ordered. I make little cards for each guest with their choices in them so they can be reminded. Previous ones are here and here. These are the ones I made for this year.
I've wanted to make a chocolate finger cake for a couple of weeks now, since my friend told me about it. Today as a break from threading jump rings onto charms I made this

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