Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sitting and Waiting for Christmas

Oh I wish I was, its funny it doesn't matter how prepared we think we are, we always seem to end up rushing about. I have been to Kingston this week with work and those two days away form home seem to have thrown me into chaos. Although I posted all my cards for people I would not be seeing, the other cards remain unwritten. Tomorrow evening we have our works Christmas dinner and a couple of those cards need writing for that. I promise myself this weekend everything that I haven't done will be done. If it doesn't get done so what Christmas will still happen and I do not intend to spend it stressing over a card that perhaps I didn't write.
Next year I'm going to be sitting and waiting just like this chap is on my card.
I have really enjoyed making these pop up cards this year. I've already got ideas for birthday cards in mind, but lets just get Christmas finished first.

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