Tuesday, 27 December 2011

4 x 6 Photo Love - November

I have just managed to finish my pages for Shimelles 4 x 6 photo love for November, just in time before the December layout is released. I've had the photos ready for a while but I haven't had much motivation to scrap. I had promised myself that I would get plenty done over the Christmas holiday period, but for some reason today was the first chance I got. I even managed to get an hour in the garden at lunch time. The weather has been gorgeous so I grabbed the opportunity to do some tidying up.
Anyway this page has all the photos from a trip to Arlington Cemetery in 1992, I was so impressed at how much the American military is respected and treated.Its not just their own military, they respect everybody. At the time we visited America my husband and I were civilians working for the Saudi Military Hospital in Riyadh. Each time we checked into a hotel and gave our address they asked for our ID, we were given discounts on everything and in many cases upgrades. The trip to Arlington really brought that home, it was so pristine and very interesting.
 The first picture is the double page layout, without the small page. I liked the rows of trees because it reminded me how the cemetery was so precise. I struggled with picking papers for these photos, we were there in September/October and the weather was so beautiful the skies were really blue. At first I was going to go with white but it looked so stark I decided on the green. I'm quite happy with how they have turned out.

The next picture is the layout with the small page, I still have to do the journalling, but that will sit on the middle of the small page.
 This final picture shows the other side of the small page.

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Becky said...

These are lovely pages - I love the papers you have chosen to complement the photos. I was like you and hoped to do loads of scrapping over the break and only just got this layout done in time! Hope you can get some more done over the next few days.