Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Scrapstars Influence

I had such a great time in Emma's classes at the recent Scrapstars retreat that I thought I would practice my spraying technique. I can see an improvement but its not quite there yet. There are still some blobs on the bottom right of the layout. I also got a bit excited and sprayed the whole page, but I kind of like it. What I did try and like was to stamp and clear emboss on the white cardstock before I started. Then when I sprayed I rubbed over the embossed are to get the ink off the embossed doily and also to blend around the edges. i loved this effect and will be doing this again. I still had loads of Websters pages, all about me paper left from the class so I sat for an evening and cut out all the little detail. I now have an Emma Trout esque style page. Well it is in my head anyway, I have a long way to go to reach the level of her stunning work. It's a start though and one I'm pretty chuffed with.

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Em said...

Oh Kathy, you have created a wonderful page! I really feel inspired by what you did. You should put it in Webster's gallery!!!

How much do I owe you now for saying these lovely things about me??? Thank you xx