Thursday, 13 October 2011

Scrapstars continued

Yes this is definitely the retreat that keeps on giving, I still haven't come down from my recent retreat Scrapstars. You will have seen one of the pages we made under the guidance of the fabulous Emma, well here is another one. This page was based on the latest trend of memory jars, where you collect memorabilia and store it in a jar. We were to create this page and the memory jar element was a CD type case to store a memory in. I decided to use a past memory and call it dreams. My wedding day, because although I am no longer married it really was a day full of dreams.
I recently followed a thread on UKS where the question was do you record the bad and the good on scrapbook pages. My personal thought is if you can deal with it sensitively and you need to do it why not. I can't ignore the fact that I was married for 6 years, or that I just had the most fabulous wedding day. So here I am talking about the dreams I had on that day. I don't have any mementos from the day but I put some confetti into the little bottle and the CD case and I included a cake decoration I had of two wedding rings tied with a little bow. If i can find the same as I had on my cake I will add little bells.
Here is my page and because there is so much to look at I've added some detail shots.

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Em said...

Oh Kathy, this is just what I had envisioned when I designed the class. You have embraced the idea brilliantly and created a beautiful page. I LOVE that you used a past memory too:)

It's blumming fab! xx