Saturday, 1 October 2011

Press Pause

I have had to press pause this week on the crafting front. I am surrounded by the most gorgeous half finished projects but I am finding that I start to craft when I get in from work and I'm still there at 1am. This is not good for me when I have to work the next day. So I am not allowing myself in the craft room beyond 10pm. Another reason is the craft room is a dump and until it is tidied up so I can see where I am going the crafting has to stop.
One thing I could do while I was sitting watching TV was to make the lovely little kasudama flowers I learnt to make a while ago. I fancied making a flower ball, so one evening while watching TV I used up some scraps of paper and made this
It only shifted some papers scraps and the craft room is still a tip but I love this ball.
Today is a beautiful day so a lot of the shrubs and plants in my garden are getting a good trim ready for the winter, looks like the crafting will have to remain on pause for just a little while longer.

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