Sunday, 14 August 2011

Red, Aqua and White

I'm still following the Cybercrop that Shimelle is hosting, for some reason I'm being really slow. I've only completed two of the challenges, but I am making sure I make pages I want to keep and I'm making sure I finish them completely. 
One of my favourite colour combinations is red, white and Aqua, lucky for me this was one of the challenges Shimelle has set. I am also following Shimelles 4 x 6 photo love challenges over at two peas in a bucket. This month we need to put 7 4 x 6 photos on a layout. 
I have just scanned all my America photos from 1992, all 478 of them! i was trying to pick a couple from the photos taken at Ellis island to use in the colour challenge, when I realised there were seven photos. Why not use all of them on the one page. Here it is:
  I even used one of Mary Anne's free journaling blocks

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Kim Strother said...

It's great how you added so many photos, good job!