Friday, 15 July 2011

Todays the Day

Today's the Day that I celebrate my birthday, to be honest I forgot all about it until Tuesday how bad is that? So I haven't got anything planned, but I'm quite happy at home in my scrapbooking nest playing with my stash.
Today's also the day that my central heating has decided to make crashing noises that would wake the dead in a cemetery 10 miles away, so as a nice birthday present I got to call the plumber, who thinks my water pump needs replacing, hmmm sounds expensive!
Most importantly today's the day the Craftwork Cards design team can begin revealing their projects that we have been busy beavering away making for the team to take to CHA. They fly out tomorrow and I am so jealous, can you imagine how much inspiration there will be packed under that one roof? We were all given Spellbinders dies and Candi, the challenge was to come up with cards, projects and scrapbook pages that would show how the two products complement each other.. I can't wait to see what the rest of the team members have come up with.
As you know I am a scrapbooker/project maker at heart, so I wanted to show they could be used for gorgeous scrapbook pages. This is me 50 years ago! I know I've used this photo before in my own pages but if I can't go to America then I'll send my picture!
Cardstock, Papers, (Blossoms and Sweet Meadows), scalloped borders and Candi are all Craftwork Cards, The flowers are made using the Spellbinders dies, Fleur de Lys Doily motifs and Floral Doily Motifs.
The inspiration for the page was a lovely design I  made on the recent ATDML cybercrop, the class was one by Karen Moss and was my favourite. Creating this page was such fun, I knew I would use the idea again.
Come visit again for more of the projects that will be displayed on the Craftwork Cards stand at CHA next week.

Edited to Add:

I have a brother who likes to name and shame, well its your turn Buddy!
I just had a phone call that ended like this;
Me: So have you got anything to say to me?
Robin: Like What?
Me: Like, Happy Birthday
Robin: Why when is it?
Me: Today it has been for 51 years.
Robin: Well why didn't you tell me?
Me: I shouldn't have to!
Robin: Well why didn't facebook remind me?
Me: Cos I haven't put my date of birth on there.
Robin: Well how do you expect me to remember, you know you should give me at least 2 weeks notice.
Me: (scratching my head and thinking its been the same for 51 years, how much more notice is required) You'd remember if I owed you £100 quid wouldn't you!
Robin: well yeh!
Me: Right I'm gonna tell facebook what you've done!

I give up, 1 rubbish brother free to a home, I don't even care if its a good one! Consider yourself named and hang your head in shame Robin Tapp!


Hev said...

Happy Birthday Chuck. I hope you're brother feels suitably ashamed of himself and gets you a mega pressie to make up for is forgetfulness.
Luv Hev xxx

Kirsty.a said...

Happy birthday! My brother is just as bad. He only remembers because his birthday is 3 days after mine. Still, you forgot until Tuesday, didnt you!?