Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Project 12 - May

Another fantastic sketch for Project 12 over on Scrapbook and Cards Today, I know its the 1st June, I'm only a day late posting it. Here was the sketch for May
this time I've gone a bit off course and instead of using my travel photos I've used pictures of the dogs my brother has owned. I love how the sketch lent itself to these pictures
Why the cream square on the left? It's for Robin to do the journalling, I wonder how long it will take him?
I went to the Craft Box to try and get some doggy papers but there was only the blue background one here. When you get good customer service it deserves a round of applause, and a mention. I asked Gill if there was and dog themed papers when I arrived, even though she was busy tidying, organising and serving she still combed the whole shop looking for something for me. I mean she went through EVERYTHING, as you can see the blue worked fine. I still have some more photos that I need to scrap and my last words to her were if you find something just hang on to it and let me know. Well I got a phone call last night and she has found 1 sheet from her own personal stash. How about that?  You wouldn't get that at Hobbycraft, they probably wouldn't have known what I was asking for. Thank you Gill for A+++ service.


theelfqueen said...

This came out super cute! I love the navy blue!

Davinie Fiero said...

I want to know if Robin did the journaling? Is Robin the brother, or the dog? Either one is a fantastic option for journaling on your layout. I need to make my hubby do that every once in a while too.