Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Giving Money

Sometimes there just isn't another gift to give other than money, but its embarrassing and looks so 'clinical' just passed over in an envelope like some seedy transaction is taking place. Years ago friends of ours were getting married and planning to emigrate to America, so while we were in New York we bought them some Macy's vouchers. The sales assistant wrapped the vouchers in delicate tissue paper and then put them in a lovely white box with the Macy's logo embossed on the top. I am going back almost 20 years but I was so impressed with this box, it has stayed in my mind. Today when my friend at work asked me if I knew where she could get a silk envelope or something a bit special to give somebody money as a wedding present. I knew she was thinking the same as me and I told her I'd make her a box. This is what I came up with, I used lovely starlight silver ice white card, a really good weight and it has a lovely shine to it, very luxurious.

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