Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mini Gift Bag

Today I will mostly be laying down, after yesterday's building experience I'm broken. In the cold light of day I am very happy with my first attempt at patio building, here it is
I now need to decide what furniture to put on it and try to get my brother help me to remove that lump of concrete, its too heavy for me to pick up.
 Not to abandon my crafty side altogether I made a little gift bag, I was first shown how to make these at a workshop at Craftwork Cards and it is one of my favourites. I've used some more of the lovely Fruit Scoop project of the month.


Dawn said...

Well done with the flagging it looks pretty good from here. Good luck getting brother to help shift the huge concrete any time soon (it's spoiling the view of your cool flagging)

Bag is way cute and I imagine comes in handy!

Love Dawn xx

kath said...

wow kathy....clever you making your own patio..looks like hard work to me and love your super cute handbag...hugs kath xxx