Friday, 27 May 2011

Long Weekend

I am so happy its a long weekend, I've got a bit used to the long weekends we've had over the last couple of months and I'm wishing that every work week was only four days. My new furniture for my new patio arrives tomorrow so once its assembled I will make full use of all my hard work over the last few weekends. I don't care what the weather is like I'm going to use it. I also plan to make some pages, everybody is busy so I l know I'm not going to get interruptions. I found Sketch Support a little while ago and bookmarked it, when my brother turned up with his paint balling photos and wanted as many as possible on the layout, I searched through to find the right sketch. It was sketch 11 of the two page sketches and here is the layout I made.
It was fun trying to create the paint splash effect, with so many photos it didn't need too much embellishing and it was a hit when he collected it.

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