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Creativity Boot Camp - The End

Well now its all over. Creativity Boot Camp is no more, we received our last prompt today and fittingly it is smile. We all leave our camp enlightened, encouraged and inspired. I have liked the challenge of coming up with an idea unique to the word prompt, although by the time I get round to posting it somebody else had thought of it as well. On a couple of occasions I got there first. Is it really all over? Not on your Nelly, Madeline is going to continue with a weekly prompt, hooray Madeline! It will be a bit easier with a week to think up something, it all kicks off next Sunday. See the link in the toolbar on the right?
I digress today's prompt was smile. I think it is well documented here that I work with lovely people, mostly men, average age about 30. Yes I agree lucky me! There are only 8 women in the company (inc me). I'm 50 this year but they don't make me feel older, in fact I am usually in the middle of some shenanigans somewhere and yes I'm like the company mum. One thing that is always appreciated is my baking, cakes are regularly requested and I willingly take them in to feed them up. This week we had the auditors so I took cakes in a couple of days for the staff and the auditor. Well look what arrived today.

How gorgeous are they, and what on earth are these
I tell you they certainly put a smile on my face when they arrived. Here are some of my favourite pictures of smiles, all from my past pictures.
I could go on forever, but I think I got it covered. I have made a mini book of this journey and included all the prompts, my journaling and it will include the photos when I get them developed. I will post it once it is completed. THE END.


Diana Joy said…
Love your pictures and yes this journey has made me smile also.
Beautiful pictures! I'm going to miss Boot Camp. I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up but I was and I learned to look at things so much different. I'm excited for the Sunday prompts, too!
Anesha said…
Lovely end to this journey. Lovely photos. Beautiful flowers as well. Have a great day.
Vicki said…
all your journey photos are great and the flowera re beautiful xxx

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