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Officially excited

OK, I am now officially excited about the Scrapping Angels retreat this weekend. I have everything packed and in the car and I'm ready to go and be inspired by all sorts of scrapping loveliness.

I've also noticed that I have had over 1,000 hits to this blog. When I first started this I asked, who would possibly be interested in what I do or make. I also wondered if it would be something I would continue to maintain. I am enjoying sharing what I create but it seems people are interested in looking at them. I hope that some of the hits inspire others, because I have to admit without blogs I would have some very 'dry' periods.

If anybody is at the retreat this weekend that reads this blog please come and say Hi, it would be nice to see the faces of readers. you'll recognise me by my badge.

Here are some more of the oriental cards I made.

and a little gift bag.


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Vine Tutorial

On Monday morning I took part in the UKScrappers blog hop, who would have predicted the response to the flowers I had made for the layout. In particular the rose vine. I was flabbergasted, but promised I would let everybody know how I had done it. If anybody does make one of these vines please could you credit me and if posted in a blog I would appreciate a link back to me.
I was absolutely inspired by the gorgeous Prima vines, I have purchased many but due to the cost they remain in my stash, I am too frightened to use them because they are not cheap. They fall into the category of  'waiting for a special projrect'. This made me challenge myself to see if i could make something similar.
 Firstly you will need to gather your supplies
Florist wiresflorist paper tapepaper flowers - they need to have a 'tail' on them, I used these card stock to make leaveseither a leaf punch or die to cut leaves, I used these distress ink Cut as many leaves as you think you will need and ink …


Over the last few years sources one of my favourite sources of inspiration and a 'go to' for getting your creativity going again has become Pinterest. I think I use it almost as much as google. I recently saw this layout and knew I wanted to lift it. Here is the result

I loved its simplicity and I was able to use a photo that is almost 30 years old. See those scrabble type tiles, Ive had them years and was happy I could use some on here.

Birthday Cards for Men

Cards for men really are quite difficult, so when I find a colour combination that isn't just blue and can work for men I use it. One of my favourite combinations is a bright blue, bright red and white. I think its modern and bright. Over the last weekend I made a few cards with this colour scheme, those of you who visit me regularly will also know I like simple. We have worked our way through all the previous cards I made for the boys at work so another batch was called for beginning with this one.