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OMG what a week and it's only Wednesday!
It all started at the weekend, I had nothing planned, I mean nothing. That of course means only one thing, a whole weekend of crafting and organising. I decided I would finally empty everything out of my 'office' ready for painting and final preparation for the new units. As most of this was already done I decided to craft a bit first. My friend Lynda and I have been lucky enough to get our hands on the pre-release of the fabulous new stamps from Craftwork Cards,see them here. They are to die for, I have never had such a pristine image from stamps before, sometimes the problem with clear stamps is that they 'squash' when you press down and this makes the lines a bit thick. Not with these the images were lovely and we have made several samples to hand in to Sue. Bonus point, I wiped Staz-on off with a baby wipe. I'll put pictures when we know what is going to happen to them.

Anyway I digress, after a thoroughly productive day I prepared my scrap page for the regular Monday get together with my ladies and thought a final vacuum through the house would leave me time to have a good laze in front of Dancing on Ice. I stepped into the spare bedroom (now full of everything from my craft room) to get the hoover and thought briefly 'funny how warm that carpet feels..........and wet!!!!!!' The radiator had burst and was spewing hot water. The bed was pushed up against the radiator and then piled high with craft goodies that extended over the entire floor space. I had everything to move back out and quickly! I managed after a few hours to get everything out and turn off the radiator, but unfortunately the beautiful cream carpet was completely soaked.

I contacted the insurance company who have visited and condemned the carpet, bed, 3 pillows, sleeping bag, single quilt, valance and all the cushions from my garden furniture. Thank God they took it all out of the house it was stinking and I mean STINKING! So now this lovely room

now looks like this

The rest of the upstairs looks like this

I have a small corridor to walk through sideways and to get round the bed in my room I have to go over the top. I thought I would put the office refurb on hold till this all got sorted out, but am now thinking I might just turn this into my office cum craft room as it's empty and needs redecorating now anyway. Then I can just redecorate the other room and get the new bed in there when everything else is done. I'm just waiting for the insurance company to contact me and let me know what the next step is. So time for a cuppa and then tackle the obstacle course that is my bedroom.


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